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We’re a small group of local people who regularly use parts of the Avon Cycleway. We decided to set up this site on a voluntary basis as there seems to be little officially coordinated information and mapping. We don’t currently receive any funding help and this site depends on voluntary contributions and input.

A Bit of History

The Cycleway was established in 1989 by Avon County Council’s Cycle Project Team and involved over 400 marker signs. A few of the original signs survive to this day. The original research for the route was done by the late Chris Hutt, who campaigned for better cycling conditions in Bristol for many years and who served as Cyclebag’s secretary. This website is dedicated to Roger Chapman who was a senior transport officer at Avon County Council. He gave strong support to cycling in Bristol including the Avon Cycleway and rode the complete route.

The Avon Cycleway graphic is kindly provided by Rumba Design, cycling friendly graphic and web designers